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DESIGN TRUST Business Club Offer

Join the Design Trust's Business Club in June for just £10! The Design Trust Business Club is an online learning hub for small creative businesses. The Design Trust, headed by Patricia van den Akker, produces exclusive masterclasses, webinars, podcasts and interviews with industry professionals all specifically geared to designers, makers, artists, galleries and any small creative business.

The content (over 100 hours of lessons) covers all aspects of running a small business from finance to branding, marketing to social media. Sessions vary in length from 20 mins to 2 hours and learning can be done at members' own pace and in their own time. Topic specific content is added each month to keep subject matter relevant and engaging.

For example, in May, The Business Club looked at press with some fantastic interviews from magazine editors and interiors writers. In June, The Club is exploring resilience, well-being and coping when things aren’t quite going to plan. July's topic of the month is Instagram, with experts and influencers sharing their stories and advice.

For more information, visit and enter promo code HAVEAGO to get the first month discounted. Continued monthly subscription costs £25.